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'Hauntingly poignant & wondrously ethereal"
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The Brave Songs
7th of March

The Brave Songs

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The Brave Songs is inspired by the book ‘The Brave’ written by Charlotte’s husband author Nicholas Evans. “Music has been the one constant in my life and given me such strength in rough times, and also great moments of joy and laughter. The Brave Songs’ was all those moments”.

The Brave Songs I started to write in 2008. The idea of writing a soundtrack to a book always fascinated me, jumping into these characters lives emotions and feelings and to portray them as songs. Some of the characters in the book were quite dark, and it has given the songs on this album quite a strong flavour. The lyrics are not only based on the characters of the book, but are also a reflection of today’s situations. Finishing this album has been a hardcore experience for me but one well worth doing. It has given me the strength to want to recover and to continue writing

The Brave Songs Q & A

Your second album is called “Songs for the Brave” which is named after your husband’s book the Brave. How did you come up with the idea of writing an album together with your husband’s book?

  • I woke up in a New York hotel having had a dream in which I saw my music on a CD in the back of a book. It was very clear.

What is the Brave album about?

  • I read the fist draft of Nicks book and anything that grabbed my attention I put in my notebook; characters, scenes, emotions, and then later started to put those thoughts down in the studio with my fellow writers and musicians.

What is your favourite Track on the album and why?

  • There’s A Sigh- just a great song to write with Paul Buchanan, and to sing it was also very special. And I love the finished sound, yumee! But I’m pretty happy with Sunrise too…


I would like to thank the musicians and producers who helped me record and finish this album, without them it simply wouldn’t have happened.

Kevin Poree, Hugh Harris, Paul Buchanan,
Neal Snyman, Barry van Zyl, Jamie Moses, Chris Parks, Terry Munday, Nikolaj Juel, Chester Kamen, Cesar Gimeno Lavin, Matheson Bayley, Richard Samuels, Jim Russell, Mark Frank, Malcolm Dixon, Jon Jo Grisdale, Henry Thomas, Melvin Duffy and last but not least Ron Tom and all the gang at Metamorphosis.

Special thanks to Nick for supporting me in so many ways and to our son Finlay who’s love and courage kept me going. I love you very much.

To Sue Birbeck, Lesley Bramwell, Marith Kollen and Peter Griffith for being there for me and keeping the ship steady and all the crew, Raymond Anthony, Rob Westwood, Patrick Clarke… thank you angels.

This album is dedicated to all the NHS doctors and nurses who saved my family’s lives and to the memory of my father.

September 2010

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