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13th of January

Videos from St Paul’s, Covent Garden

KP and Luke from Berry Street Studio have finished mixing and editing the video from the gig at St Pauls, and the videos can all be seen here.

2nd of October

Charity Concert At St Paul’s Covent Garden.

Hello Everyone,

I would like to invite you all to my concert at St Paul’s Covent Garden on the 15th of November.

The concert is in aid of the charity Give a Kidney.
It will start at 8pm but the bar will be open at 7pm

Tickets are available from (NHS staff half price)

Hope to see you there as I have gathered a wonderful collection of musicians to help me. Its a wonderful cause and who would have believed the church has a bar!!

Much Love

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27th of January

My Short Film “Inside Out” Airing on BBC1

On Monday evening at 7.30 on BBC1there is a short film I made for a programme called Inside Out

It’s about my journey on dialysis and raising awareness about being donors and waiting for a kidney transplant

It will be on the BBC website too so I hope you will all have a look

Love Char

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13th of September

Reporting Scotland

Hi there
Just watched the piece I did for Reporting Scotland about kidney donors and transplants etc…

It’s turned out really well and Eleanor Bradford has done a great job. If you haven’t already signed up then do it today PLEASE! There are a lot of young people waiting for a kidney transplant and many will not survive longer than six years and that includes myself.

You can watch the report here

Hey Ho ……
On another topic I am definitely doing a concert at St Pauls covent garden in the new year after my own transplant this October ….bring it on!

It’s the most beautiful day here in Devon the sky is as blue as it can get and the shadows of the trees are strong and sharp…autumn has arrived and so too have the conkers and a second flourish of roses.

The winds are fierce a left over of some hurricane I believe but it’s all perfect for me

I have started to write a new song…..

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22nd of August

D for d

As I write my dialysis machine is bleeping and thet sound is one which always makes your heart beat faster and often there is some calamity that will follow like your blood clotting or you blood pressures dropped or some such thing and hearing the sound for all of us in the unit it is one dread.

Today I’ve just been given some birthday cake with my cup of tea as it’s one of the patients birthday.

Someone always bakes a cake for birthdays and it’s a nice human touch here amongst all the endless lines of blue pumping machines and the smell of disinfectant. My three hours and fifteen minutes are spent reading writing eating what I want and sleeping.

It is only in the last four months that my brain allowed me to read.

For many months the poison and just the process of being on D stopped me reading; I had terrible migraine for months which made concentration very difficult. I used to read a huge amount of modern fiction but now I’m not in the least bit interested and all my mind seems to want is esoteric literature so at the moment I am reading a book called Infinite Potential the life and times of David Bohm one of the 21st century’s most original thinkers - A brilliant physicist explorer of consciousness friend of Einstein and enemy of the house committee on un American activities.

It’s a must for all of us on the spiritual path

Bye for now

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