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'Hauntingly poignant & wondrously ethereal"
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‘The Brave Songs’ is the new album from Scottish singer songwriter Charlotte Gordon Cumming, wife of Nicholas Evans the author of ‘The Horsewhisperer’.  This album was inspired by her husband’s new novel ‘The Brave’ and the shocking event of 2008 when she and her family nearly died after eating poisonous mushrooms in Scotland. Writing and recording ‘The Brave Songs’ has inspired her journey of recovery.

‘I’ve been a songwriter for twenty years.  Music has been the one constant in my life and given me strength in rough times, and also great moments of joy and laughter’

Charlotte Gordon Cumming Charlotte Gordon Cumming


‘Charlotte Gordon Cumming, the daughter of a Scottish Clan Chief, was born and brought up in the heart of North East Scotland. Charlotte is sister to Scottish clan chief, Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming.

The ancestral family home was Gordonstoun, alma mater of Charles, Prince of Wales. Her great-grandfather was Sir William Gordon Cumming, whose connection to the infamous ‘Royal Baccarat’ scandal in 1890, plunged the family into social disgrace. Victorian society was shocked by Bertie, the then Prince of Wales and son of Queen Victoria, being involved in a game deemed illegal at the time. Sir William took the rap for the Prince and was consequentially ostracised by society when he took the Prince to court to try and prove his innocence. He lost.

As a young girl Charlotte loved writing poetry. Her transition to singer-songwriter came after seeing Marianne Faithful record some of her own songs in a studio and being impressed by the artiste’s powerful, raw lyrics. This was a defining moment for Charlotte. Charlotte’s marriage to singer/songwriter Michael Edwards, of the band Live Wire, enabled her to gain considerable personal experience living and performing in Italy. She then took herself off to New York where she performed her own songs in the clubs and bars of Manhattan. On returning to London, Charlotte turned her hand to other exploits to help pay the rent. With her dog in the back of her car, Charlotte would scour the land finding unusual and interesting artefacts then selling them on to interior designers in London.

Charlotte’s Highland roots, a life-long passion for Africa, where she has strong family ties, the African people, their spirituality, the huge landscape, all have strongly influenced her musical style. A unique blend of Celtic melody and African rhythms, many of the tracks on ‘Mindwalking’ were written in Kenya and feature a number of African musicians.

Charlotte has penned songs for many British artistes, one of her successes being ‘Soul Sound’ performed by the Sugababes’. This song was nominated for Best European Single at the MTV Awards in 2001. Charlotte co-produced Indonesian Pop Idol Winner, Joy Tobing’s latest cd, ‘Rise’. In addition to writing the title track, four more of her songs are featured on the album.

Charlotte now lives in a ‘medieval monks’ dwelling’ in South West England with the author Nicholas Evans and their son Finlay, who was born whilst Charlotte was recording and producing ‘Mindwalking’. Their house was once the home of the playwright Rober Bolt and is surrounded by glorious countryside. The aura of peace and tranquility it possesses is perfect for the creative natures of Charlotte and Nicholas.

Charlotte Gordon Cumming Charlotte Gordon Cumming

Press Quotes…

The Times

‘Melodic and articulate compositions’

The Herald

‘I was as happy as a skylark’

Daily Record

‘Inspired by The Brave, it was part of Charlotte’s road back to health’

The Courier

‘An eclectic, fascinating bunch of songs ranging widely in style and mood and bound together by the central core theme’

Press & Journal

‘I love it in the Highlands, it is a special place’