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Charlotte Gordon Cumming was born in Scotland on February 2nd 1958. She was the 3rd child of Sir William and Elizabeth Lady Gordon Cumming. She grew up at Altyre Forres, one of the most beautiful areas in the North East of Scotland.

The Comyns (as they were originally known) established themselves in the ministry and judiciary of Scotland in the early 1100′s, having arrived with William the Conqueror in England in 1066. They made their home in Badenoch, an ancient area South-East of Inverness, along the River Spey, at the foot of the Cairngorm Mountains. The Comyns married into the Scottish royal family and held three earldoms in Stirling and Perthshire. Fighting Robert the Bruce for the Scottish throne in the early 1300′s all but wiped out this part of the family leaving the Altyre Cumming’s based in the Moray area.

Charlotte’s brother, present Clan Chief Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming still lives in Altyre Forres.

If you want to know more about the Cumming Clan (Comyn Clan) history, please visit:

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‘Robert the Bruce’s Rivals’ by Alan Young

“I found this amazing family tree in the family archives in Edinburgh in 2010. What has stunned me is the date at the very top. I would love to know if anyone has more information about this early branch of the family”.

You can download a PDF file of the family tree.
>> Download family tree pdf