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29th of July

D Day For Dialysis

Today is a D day, a dialysis day.Around now,11.30 I start thinking about putting together my picnic, an assortment of treats that i am not allowed on a normal day. So the first is a flask of delicious coffee, a sandwich with tomatoes and cheese, salad ,mayo, chutney all bunged together with organic bread and to finish off sometimes a twix or a crunchy nut bar.

These treats as i call them are probably every day possiblities for you but not for me..

I won’t go into my craving world today but it is sooo hard not to eat such healthy foods as nuts raisins,oranges,banana’s etc because of kidney failure.Any foods with high potassium and phosphate are no go zones.

It takes me 15 minutes to get to my unit on the outskirts of Torbay, the riviera of the south!!

There I say a few prayers in my car and then with food, computer and newspaper i find my cubicle and machine. Before you go on you are weighed to determine how much liquid the machine has to take off, ie how much you have over drunk in the last 48hrs,our quota is 2 litres and that includes all fluid like soup.That done you lie on hard plastic loungers and you are given blankets and pillows as on D you get cold and in the winter I would take a hot water bottle.

Enough now, I will continue again in a few days

Had a fascinating reading yesterday from a native American woman called Jo Todd. She lives in Texas. She works through her invisible mentor/teacher called Isaiah who she has worked with for 28 years.

I have been helping a young woman called sara nason finish a film on the Lakota indians and their cheif Crow Dog. Jo is one of the people sara works with while she is filming and has helped her in many ways to get this film made as permission for filming a sundance has never been given before.

I have a very strong commection to Indigineous philosophy and their look at the way we are so closely related and connected to nature in all its wonder and mystery and they are wise, they have ancient wisdom that we the west have tried to eradicate much to the detrement of ourselves and our spritual lives.Shame on us

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