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27th of July

Dear All…

Today I am starting to blog as there have been some exciting new developements in my life and i want to share them.

My husband has just had a kidney transplant and I am due for one in September with a live donor who is a friend. I will be spending the next few weeks talking about the build up to such an operation and also talking to the press about certain issues related to the nhs and its dealings with patients like me on dialysis three times a week. I hope you will come along for the ride

I have also been in touch with The Lakota Indians on Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota whose cheif is called Crow Dog They put my name and that of my brother and husband into the Sun Dance a month ago which is their most holy and powerful ceremony and since then amazing things have been happening.

I will blog again soon on some of these happenings.
Love Charlotte x

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