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'Hauntingly poignant & wondrously ethereal"
Ronni Ancona

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Charlotte’s first album ‘Mindwalking’ brought together her highland roots and a life-long passion for Africa, combining a unique blend of Celtic melody and African rhythms.

Mindwalking is written in Africa, London and Devon. Most of the songs were recorded in my own studio in London, with producer Kevin Poree. It was the album I had always wanted to make, as I had absolute control over the songs and their production. To finally experience this definitely enhanced the character of this album. Over the last couple of years, I have discovered the extraordinary effect that this album has had on people’s lives. They continued to play it, which is so rewarding for me as a songwriter.

Mindwalking is all about expressing emotions and being honest through the lyrics. The feedback I get from Mindwalking is one of uplifting, healing and also a joyful experience. It touches people. Mindwalking is an everyday people’s album.

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Mindwalking Q & A

Your first album is called Mindwalking, what is the album about?

  • Mindwalking is a collection of songs that I put together to illustrate the diversity of my songwriting, and also to have a dream come true of recording and producing my own songs as I heard them and to eventually release them out into the world for all to listen to.

The songs on Mindwalking sound pretty personal. What was in your heart as you wrote these songs?

  • I love these songs, they still resonate with me and now I am beginning to get feedback from fans that this album seems to have some magical qualities and they find themselves listening over and over not just to one song but the whole album and that’s quite unusual. I felt I was in a very heightened state some of the time while recording, what is often termed as “in the zone”. And I was pregnant.

Where did you get the inspiration for this album?

  • My stubborn streak and my now unnerving conviction that these songs should be allowed out into the world and shared. Why should I just have all the fun!

How long did it take you to finish this album?

  • A year.